In this tenth block the learner will consolidate the material from the previous Blocks and will start the crossover from an advanced level to a Proficient User level. In this block the learner starts preparation to acquire the necessary level to pass satisfactorily the TOEFL. The course content remains functional and focused entirely on improving learner independence in all areas, motivating the learner to become conversant on diverse subjects such as the family, work issues and making arrangements. In terms of grammatical structures there will be continued revision and extension of the structures in all tenses with focus on the future tenses to talk about completed or predicted actions in the future. Productive and receptive skills are stretched with more phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions, the differences between British and American vocabulary, making predictions and talking about future plans, offering, suggesting. As with the other blocks on the course, there is frequent pronunciation practice and the learner has exposure to long and short sounds, word stress, vowel sounds, contractions as well as general vocabulary and sentence level practice. The use of a variety of exercises encompasses different learner styles as well as guaranteeing thorough coverage of the topics covered. The block is comprised of a series of interactive exercises such as word-picture association, listening comprehension with short, realistic dialogs, sentence transformation, error detection and correction and student-led listening practice with the vocabulary items.


Unit 1 Starting out the theater group Studying must be learned Body language World music tour - Reading comprehension Memories of boarding school - Listening comprehension Test exercises Unit 2 Joining the group Witness Explorers Test exercises Unit 3 Have you ever done any acting before? Defense of theater Notes of a traveler Health disorders - Reading comprehension Test exercises Unit 4 Rehearsing at the theater Our brain's potential By the year 2050... Meaningful celebrations - Use of English Test exercises Unit 5 An invitation to the local press Popular characters How do you tell them apart? Test exercises Unit 6 The first performance "How do you do" I'm quite jet-lagged A change for the better - Reading comprehension Mount Rushmore National Memorial - Dictation Test exercises Unit 7 Pharmacy - Typical situation Traveling - Dialogue Cake design - Reading comprehension Secrets of the sacred lake - Use of English Test exercises Course review Final test

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