In this block the learner will consolidate the material from the previous Blocks. In this Block the learner will consolidate the necessary knowledge to pass satisfactorily the TOEFL exam.  The course content remains functional and focused entirely on improving learner independence in all areas, motivating the learner to become conversant on subjects such as cinema, expressing ability, obligation and prohibition as well as presenting and interpreting statistics. In terms of grammatical structures there will be continued revision and extension of the structures in all tenses. Productive and receptive skills are stretched with more phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions, the different verbs followed by gerunds or infinitives, expressing future possibility, and giving opinions. As with the other blocks on the course, there is frequent pronunciation practice and the learner has exposure to long and short sounds, vowel sounds, elision, homophones as well as general vocabulary and sentence level practice. In terms of conversation, the learner can now approach most situations with little or no preparation. The use of a variety of exercises encompasses different learner styles as well as guaranteeing thorough coverage of the topics covered. The block is comprised of a series of interactive exercises such as word-picture association, listening comprehension with short, realistic dialogs and student-led listening practice with the vocabulary items.


Unit 1 Shopping at the grocery store Successful relationships In round figures Family resemblance - Master class Test exercises Unit 2 Going on tour A mythical island We would make a name for ourselves Culture - Master class The Gold Rush - Reading comprehension A place I could call home - Listening comprehension Descriptions - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 3 Getting a contract An advice columnist Get things into proportion Science - Master class Imagination - Speaking assignment Test exercises Unit 4 Trouble with the tour Top model and future star Your dog on the big screen Mass media - Master class The Color Purple - Reading comprehension Film industry - Speaking assignment Test exercises Unit 5 Saying goodbye Choosing a present How objects are The movie theater - Master class Working out the puzzle - Use of English Film industry - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 6 On the way to the East Coast Christmas stories Brunch or a regular meal? Test exercises Unit 7 At the airport 1 - Typical situation At the airport 2 - Typical situation Fulfillment and failure - Dialogue Interview - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 8 First aid - Specific vocabulary The hospital - Specific vocabulary Accident & Emergency - Typical situation Health and feelings - Additional vocabulary Test exercises Unit 9 Setting up a business account - Typical situation Your interests - Dialogue Marketing mix - Dictation Test exercises Course review Final test

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