In this final Block the learner will revise the work covered to date through the lexical fields of describing people and places, superstitions, horoscopes tourism and describing paintings and art and arrive at being an Independent User by acquiring the Expert level, thus, being absolutely prepared to pass satisfactorily the TOEFL. Starting with Conditional phrases, time clauses and a review of the Passive voice the learner will encounter exercises to practice reported speech, prepositional clauses, synonyms and antonyms as well as Relative clauses. By now the learner will be able to converse on a wide range of subjects areas from detailed descriptions to abstract concepts. In terms of pronunciation, the learner will continue to model native speakers at a natural speed and be aware of contractions, intonation, elision, homophones, homographs and diphthongs.


Unit 1 In an American bar Visiting the doctor The girl and the clover Giving opinions - Master class Test exercises Unit 2 East Coast culture A You have been offered a new contract Cheap labor for cheap products Money - Master class Agriculture - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 3 New Year's Eve in Times Square The language spoken by the original settlers Have a nice day! Communication - Master class Test exercises Unit 4 Sightseeing in New York The truth game Famous quotes Paranormal - Master class Psychology - Speaking assignment Test exercises Unit 5 Remembering the tour Drawing and painting therapy group Handmade greeting cards Art - Master class Museums - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 6 Making plans for the future Revealing your luck Spiritualists Trouble abroad - stolen credit card and passport - Typical situation Dialogue - Superstitions Test exercises Unit 7 Import and export service Taking risks - Vocabulary practice Car insurance - Typical situation Taking risks - Use of English Buzz words - Dictation Car industry - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 8 Going on strike Banking terms and finance - Vocabulary practice Meeting at an investment conference - Typical situation Banking - Use of English CRM - Dictation Test exercises Unit 9 Buying and leasing property Cell phone company - Typical situation Customer service - Use of English Inventions - Speaking assignment Test exercises Course review Final test

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