The course content remains functional and focused entirely on improving learner independence in all areas, especially in real-life situations such as work and leisure, house and home, films and habitual actions etc. In terms of grammatical structures there will be continued revision and extension of the structures in all tenses with emphasis on parts of the language such as more phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions and the differences between British and American vocabulary. As with the other levels on the course, there is frequent pronunciation practice and the learner has exposure to long and short sounds, correct regular past tense endings, vowel sounds, elision as well as general vocabulary and sentence level practice. At this point the learner can maintain a conversation with a native speaker on a wider range of subject areas. The variety of exercises not only caters for different learner styles but also guarantees thorough coverage of the topics covered.


Unit 1 Plans for a year out A long way to equality A radio panel game We have to send the invitations Weather conditions - Additional vocabulary Test exercises Unit 2 Looking for a temporary job Spoil yourself! If I were you... Test exercises Unit 3 Working with animals A solitary child I have not seen him for ages Building a bear sanctuary - Reading comprehension Test exercises Unit 4 It's a bargain! Making a complaint A very good read An amazing concert Test exercises Unit 5 Hey, that's swell! He was no stranger to me Have you heard about her son? Why don't you show me around? The press - Additional vocabulary Test exercises Unit 6 You are only young once, mum! Welcome to university I'm afraid I have to complain Barbados - Reading Barbados - Dictation Test exercises Unit 7 Optician's - Typical situation Work and play - Dialogue Injuries and fractures - Reading comprehension Test exercises Course revision Final test

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