In this first level of five, the student will learn the fundamental tools for communicating in English, taking the learner from 0 to A1 level or Basic User level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of reference). Whilst introducing the correct use of the indefinite article, subject pronouns and basic syntax including the verb "to be" and the alphabet, the block covers functions including: greetings and introductions, nationalities, through meaningful, contextual exercises. As well as introducing the essential structures and vocabulary necessary to talk about the topic areas mentioned, the learner is encouraged to practice pronunciation from the very beginning. With the help of a native speaker, the vocabulary items and sentences modeled can be listened to and simulated.


Unit 1 Greetings People Introducing yourself It is... - Master class The alphabet - Master class Test exercises Unit 2 How old are you? How are the children? Happy birthday! Age - Master class Introductions - Master class An introduction - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 3 Meeting new people Where I'm from Pleased to meet you Countries and nationalities - Master class New friends - Master class Test exercises Unit 4 At the party What is this? Who's who Meeting Megan - Speaking assignment Test exercises Unit 5 Making new friends Numbers and colours General review and consolidation - Master class Getting around - Master class Test exercises Unit 6 Flying - Master class As time goes by Telephones - Master class Dream holiday - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 7 At the airport - Master class Airport revision - Master class It's time to pay Countries and nationalities On the go Test exercises Unit 8 Dutry-Free - Typical situation Flying away - Typical situation Nice to meet you - Dialogue Making new friends - Vocabulary practice Going on a trip - Speaking assignment Test exercises Unit 9 A new job and a new house - Typical situation A world of families - Dialogue Typical day - Writing assignment Test exercises Course revision Final test

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