In this first level of five, the student will learn the fundamental tools for communicating in English, taking the learner to aquire the A1 level or Basic User level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of reference). Whilst introducing the Present Simple tense of the most common verbs, the correct use of the articles, determiners, frequency adverbs and basic syntax; the block covers functions including: jobs, eating out and telling the time through meaningful, contextual exercises. By the end of the Block, the learner will have encountered the necessary structures to communicate using present tenses on a limited level in situations of immediate relevance, will be able to communicate basic needs and desires as well as make observations and appropriate responses to typical comments. As well as introducing the essential structures and vocabulary necessary to talk about the topic areas mentioned, the learner is encouraged to practice pronunciation from the very beginning. With the help of a native speaker, the vocabulary items and sentences modeled can be listened to and simulated.


Unit 1 First day at work Day and time When's the film? What is the best job? - Master class I really like Saturdays - Master class Test exercises Unit 2 Talking about themselves What they do On Tuesdays I can see mice - Master class There's a cat - Master class Routines - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 3 An appointment with the mayor Day-to-day of a mayor Tell us about your day It's the dog's collar - Master class Do or does - Master class Test exercises Unit 4 A table for two, please! What's on the menu? Do you take sugar? At the restaurant Daily routine - Master class Food - Speaking assignment Test exercises Unit 5 At the restaurant - Additional vocabulary Can we have the menu, please? - Listening comprehension Food and beverages - Additional vocabulary Food - Reading comprehension Going to a restaurant - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 6 Work duties Helping at home What's that? - Master class What do you like about your country? - Master class Test exercises Unit 7 New house, new flatmates - Typical situation Lifestyles - Dialogue Daily life - Vocabulary practice Home sweet home - Reading comprehension Schedules - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 8 Using public transport In a taxi or on a bus? Traffic signs Public transport - Vocabulary practice Test exercises Unit 9 At customs, during the flight - Typical situation What is your routine? - Dialogue Daily life - Reading comprehension Routines - Speaking assignment Test exercises Course revision Final test

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