In this block the learner will consolidate the material from the previous Block and continue the transition from A1 to A2 from Breakthrough to Waystage. The course content remains functional and focused entirely on improving learner independence in all areas. In this block the learner is introduced to Modal verbs for ability, extended prepositions as well as the Present Simple forms of many common verbs. The use of a variety of exercises encompasses different learner styles as well as guaranteeing thorough coverage of the topics covered. The block is comprised of a series of interactive exercises such as word-picture association, listening comprehension with short, realistic dialogues and student-led listening practice with the vocabulary items.


Unit 1 Having an accident A robbery Can I help you? Night shift - Master class Test exercises Unit 2 At the police station What does he look like? Do you know him? Who's that? - Master class Describe your family or friends - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 3 Tomorrow is my birthday Introducing my family What's the matter? Food and drink - Master class Test exercises Unit 4 The fifth annual race How do I get there? Turn left! Health - Master class Your city - Speaking assignment Test exercises Unit 5 Looking after her dog Don't eat that! That's enough Instructions - Master class Test exercises Unit 6 What's her flight number? There's plenty of work! The hotel - Master class At the airport - Additional vocabulary Your city - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 7 Night shift workers 1 - Typical situation Night shift workers 2 - Typical situation Life is full of action - Dialogue A good 'cuppa' - Reading comprehension Test exercises Unit 8 At the restaurant - Specific vocabulary Asking and ordering from the menu - Specific vocabulary Complaints at the restaurant - Specific vocabulary At the restaurant - Vocabulary practice Recipes - Speaking assignment Test exercises Unit 9 Checking in and out of a hotel - Typical situation Being social - Dialogue Las Vegas - Reading comprehension I have - I haven't - Writing assignment Test exercises Course revision Final test

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