In this block the learner will consolidate the material from the previous Block and begin the transition from A2. The course content remains functional and focused entirely on improving learner independence in all areas. In this block the learner is introduced to the Past Simple of the verb To Be, regular verbs and some common irregular verbs, extended comparative practice as well as the Present Continuous forms of many common verbs, the difference between the present simple and continuous, the going to form and various time expressions. The use of a variety of exercises encompasses different learner styles as well as guaranteeing thorough coverage of the topics covered. The block is comprised of a series of interactive exercises such as word-picture association, listening comprehension with short, realistic dialogues and student-led listening practice with the vocabulary items, grammar and expressions.


Unit 1 What a mess! There was a party There was an armchair Were you at work this morning? A flat to rent The house - Master class Test exercises Unit 2 Clothes shopping Last night The catalogue Let's compare - Master class Comparatives - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 3 How was your day? Better or worse What did you do last Saturday? What you did yesterday - Master class Test exercises Unit 4 Going back to England What is he doing? What's the matter? What is she doing? - Master class Plans for the weekend - Speaking assignment Test exercises Unit 5 The fortune teller He is going to work at home What are you doing nowadays? What are you going to do? - Master class At work - Additional vocabulary Test exercises Unit 6 Returning to work This outfit matches High days and holidays - Reading comprehension Holidays on-board - Additional vocabulary Daily activities - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 7 Planning a party - Typical situation She's hosting a party - Typical situation Home and seasons - Dialogue American barbeques - Reading comprehension Being at home - Additional vocabulary Tell me about your day - Writing assignment Test exercises Unit 8 Patterns - Specific vocabulary Pieces of clothing - Specific vocabulary Clothes and fabrics - Specific vocabulary Apparel - Vocabulary practice Test exercises Unit 9 In a restaurant - Typical situation Chores and emotions - Dialogue Fast food - Reading Fast food - Dictation What's for dinner? - Speaking assignment Test exercises Course revision Final test

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