Objetivo general de la acción formativa: -Adquirir los conocimientos y habilidades necesarias para conversar sobre la formación y el aprendizaje, discutir las expectativas del empleador/empleado, dar presentaciones improvisadas, plantear cuestiones difíciles y llegar a un acuerdo en una negociación. Competencias específicas de la acción formativa: -Establecer vocabulario, estructuras gramaticales y otros aspectos relacionados con la comunicación de nivel 12 en inglés. -Practicar la comprensión lectora y oral y la expresión escrita de los conocimientos de nivel 12 en el idioma. Level 12 Upper-Advanced Plus of My Ardor English Advanced corresponds to the second part of the C1 level of CEFR. This level allows students to express ideas fluently and spontaneously without obvious effort, use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes, and understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognize implicit meaning. They will learn, among other things, to talk about training and learning, discuss employer / employee expectations, give impromptu presentations, raise difficult points, and reach an agreement in a negotiation. They will also learn how to distance and depersonalize what they say using the passive, use discourse markers, emphasize using inversion, and use participle clauses, in addition to other important structures.


Unidad Didáctica 1. Learning - Training. - Talking about training and learning. - Communication strategies. - Participle clauses. - ‘The future in the past’. - Expressing dissatisfaction. Unidad Didáctica 2. Performance - Job satisfaction. - Discussing employer / employee expectations. - Giving an impromptu presentation. - Using questions. - Dealing with difficult questions. Unidad Didáctica 3. Skills Practice - The lives of others. - Writing: A report. - Reading: Saving dying languages. Comparing cultural traditions. Unidad Didáctica 4. Britain - George Orwell. - Orwellian English. - Reading: An extract from Nineteen Eighty-Four. Unidad Didáctica 5. Resources - Corporate social responsibility. - Talking about resources. - Discussing options and reaching decisions. - Using conditionals. - Dealing with misunderstandings. Unidad Didáctica 6. Leadership - The role of leadership. - Talking about leadership styles. - Giving a briefing on change. - Distancing and depersonalizing using the passive. - Expressing personal view. Unidad Didáctica 7. Skills Practice - Getting personal. - Writing: A letter of agreement. - Reading: Is 29 the perfect age? Describing your personality. Unidad Didáctica 8. Ireland - The Irish Potato Famine. - Irish English. - Reading: The origins of Irish English. Unidad Didáctica 9. Values - The collapse of Enron. - Talking about values. - Reaching an agreement in negotiations. - Using inversion for emphasis. - Raising a difficult point. Unidad Didáctica 10. Persuasion - Selling. - Talking about how we are persuaded and influenced. - Selling an idea in a presentation. - Using discourse markers. - Giving and receiving compliments. Unidad Didáctica 11. Skills Practice - The natural world. - Writing: A mailshot. - Reading: Benidorm and eco-tourism. Talking about travel and climate change. Unidad Didáctica 12. Australia - The Great Barrier Reef Australian English. - Reading: The rise and fall of Australian slang.

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