In this first level, the student will learn the fundamental tools for communicating in English, taking the learner from 0 to A1 level or Basic User level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of reference). Whilst introducing the correct use of the indefinite article, subject pronouns and basic syntax including the verb 'To Be' and the alphabet, the block covers functions including: greetings, introductions, nationalities and airports through meaningful, contextual exercises. As well as introducing the essential structures and vocabulary necessary to talk about the topic areas mentioned, the learner is encouraged to practice pronunciation from the very beginning. With the help of a native speaker, the vocabulary items and sentences modeled can be listened to and simulated.


Business Introductions Learners practice introducing themselves and others.A new colleague at work Asking for and giving basic, personal information. Exchanging names, nationality, age and profession.Email problems Spelling and correcting errors in written English. Giving information about names, ages and jobs. Role-play the first meeting between two strangers.What do they do? Talking about different jobs and nationalities. Extended speaking practice: introducing people to each other and talking about the places people work.Around the office I Identifying the typical objects we use in an office. Role-play over the telephone: placing an order for office supplies. Describing clothes we wear at work: shirt, skirt, trousers, tie, jacket, shoes and uniform.International business Vocabulary for different countries and currencies: Euro, Yen, Dollar, Yuan, Australian dollar. Asking for and saying prices: How much is…?, Numbers 1-50 Airport vocabulary: check-in, entrance, gate, café, toilet, information desk.Starting work - Where are the departments? (British version) In this lesson the student will learn about the location of different departments in a company building and hear brief descriptions about what each department does. In addition the student will learn vocabulary related to this area such as particular department names, prepositions of place and directions. You´ve got mail: In this section the student will answer the spoken questions the tutor has prepared and plan and write an email following the tutor´s written instructions The tutor will give feedback on this work.Starting work - Where are the departments? (American version) In this lesson the student will become familiar with the American accent and vocabulary in a typical situation between the office manager and a new person starting work. The student will listen to understand the situation in a conversation between the manger and new staff member that ask and answer questions about the departments and describe the work people do. The student will dub and record the talent of choice in the movie to practice intonation, stress and pronunciation. In this way the student will be involved in a real life conversation that improves intonation and emphasis. In this way the student will consolidate the language in context and practice useful structures such as directions, this/these/that and those. At the end of the lesson the learner completes the test activities to see what was learned from the unit and to consolidate the learning at this level.

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