In this block the learner will consolidate the material from the previous Blocks and continue the crossover from B1 to a more solid B2. The course content remains functional and focused entirely on improving learner independence in all areas, especially in real-life situations such as work and leisure, house and home, films and habitual actions etc. In terms of grammatical structures there will be continued revision and extension of the structures in all tenses with emphasis on parts of the language such as more phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions and the differences between British and American vocabulary. As with the other blocks on the course, there is frequent pronunciation practice and the learner has exposure to long and short sounds, correct regular past tense endings, vowel sounds, elision as well as general vocabulary and sentence level practice. At this point the learner can maintain a conversation with a native speaker on a wider range of subject areas. The variety of exercises not only caters for different learner styles but also guarantees thorough coverage of the topics covered. The block is comprised of a series of interactive exercises such as word-picture association, listening comprehension with realistic dialogues and student-led listening practice with the vocabulary items.


Would you buy it?Talking about advertising and using modal verbs to speculate about the product: could be, may be, might be and must be Interpreting advertising language, giving reasons and opinions.Just a click awayDiscussing the positive and negative aspects of e-commerce and describing how to buy something on the internet. Vocabulary: secure payments, sign in/out, refund, to send something back, P&P, shopping basket, checkout, feedback.Does it all add up?Talking about company finance and the different parts of a balance sheet. Financial vocabulary: fixed / current / tangible assets, depreciation, liabilities, balance sheet, the bottom line, profit and loss account, annual report.TelecommutingDiscussing the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. Vocabulary: web camera, commuting, self-discipline, telepresence, teleworking, data base, paper free. Giving one’s personal opinion: in my opinion, some people aren’t aware that…, it has to be said.Did she really say that?Extended practice with reported speech to comment on what colleagues have said. Expressions: this goes no further, apparently…, you’ll never guess what…, a heated exchange, a mutual agreement, to get the feeling.The P.A.’s day offOrganizing a business trip and making corrections to travel arrangements. A series of role-plays to a travel agent, hotel and restaurant to make arrangements for an extended business trip.Import and export - A company and its service (British version)In this lesson the student will hear and follow a request for services provided by an import and export company. In addition the student will see how a complaint is dealt with and practice and consolidate vocabulary related to the field of import and export.Import and export - A company and its service (American version)The learner will watch and listen to a customer service worker answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) connected to industry regulations and procedures.The student will see how the worker explains these common situations and explains standard industry procedure.The student will dub and record the talent of choice in the movie to practice intonation, stress and pronunciation. In this way the student will be involved in a real life situation that improves intonation.This lesson presents and consolidates language in context that includes asking someone to do something, offering help and making recommendations.The student will dub and record the talent of choice in the movie to practice intonation, stress and pronunciation. In this way the student will be involved in a real life situation that improves intonation and practices understanding.At the end of the lesson the learner completes the tests to see what was learned from the unit with different activities that match images, words and phrases.You´ve got mail: In this section the student will answer the spoken questions the tutor has prepared and plan and write an email following the tutor´s written instructions. The tutor will give feedback on this work.

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