British english On successfully completing this lesson the learner will be able to give basic information about the service they give and the principal responsibilities and duties bar-workers carry out. The learner will be able to ask and understand what the customer desires appropriately and carry out their instructions. On successfully completing the course objectives at this level, learners will have the ability to understand what clients ask for and name what is on the menu. In familiar situations learners will greet people, ask about and understand what customers would like and resolve the complaints that might occur in a restaurant appropriately. Inferring context and using interactive exercises to confirm understanding, learners will practice listening and complete sample dialogues that consolidate the vocabulary in the topic. You will complete written exercises that demonstrate you are capable of matching the written forms of words to the vocabulary used in conversations between customers and restaurant workers. You will practice the terms in the exercises and keep a record of your pronunciation to monitor the progress you make and encourage reflection.


Restaurant Restaurant - Meals, Food and Fish / Fruit and Vegetables Restaurant - Drinks and Dessert / Asking and Ordering Restaurant - Complaining / Useful Expressions Restaurant - Typical situation - Service in the restaurant business Restaurant - Dialogue - The perfect menu Restaurant - Consolidation Bars Bars - Bars and employees Bars - Bar tools Bars - Menu and glasses Bars - On the menu Bars - Typical situation - Bar customer service Bars - Typical situation - Bar customer service Bars - Consolidation

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