British english On successfully completing the course objectives at this level, learners will have the ability to competently demonstrate the capacity to deal with routine situations and express themselves appropriately. In common situations such as greeting and conversing with people, asking for and giving personal and work-related information at meetings, you will take helpful notes, solving common problems, making plans and confirming arrangements. Face to face and on the phone you will be able to understand detailed instructions and advice and specify the contribution people in the organization make and the duties they carry out. You will be able to understand and follow written instructions that consolidate the vocabulary used in a contextualized and realistic way typical of everyday business situations. The test tasks practice and consolidate the expressions in written and spoken form. By following the instructions in the activities you will test your knowledge of the language you use at work and the way you speak in the exercises and keep a record of the pronunciation you practice to monitor the progress you make and encourage reflection.


Business Director Business Director ① Business Director ② Business Director ③ Business Director ④ Typical situation - New network technology Dialogue - General business Consolidation

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