British english The course content remains functional and focused entirely on improving learner independence in the area of insurance, expressing oneself and responding to questions. The learner will practice visual recognition and written skills of vocabulary through frequent and repeated word-picture association exercises from beginner to intermediate to more advanced terms. The variety of exercises not only caters for different learner styles but also guarantees thorough coverage of the topics covered. The course also comprises of a series of interactive exercises such as listening comprehension with realistic dialogues, freeform speaking exercises and Writing and Speaking labs in which tutors provide feedback.


Insurances - Car and life insurance Insurance vocabulary Typical situation - Telephone life insurance sales Dialogue - Questions from a customer to an auto insurance representative Consolidation Additional Exercises Insurances - Taking risks Insurance vocabulary Typical situation - Two friends talking about car insurance Dialogue - Taking risks and accidents Consolidation Additional Exercises Insurances - Health and travel Insurance vocabulary Typical situation - Car accident and insurance Dialogue - Looking after our health and insurance Consolidation Additional Exercises

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