British english This course Is designed for people who currently work or would like to work in the petroleum industry, specifically those that are rig based. On successful completion of the course objectives students will be able to name the main components of land and sea based rigs, key geologically vocabulary and major hazards associated with oil extraction. A number of interactive exercises will be used to confirm understanding as well as practising listening skills and responding to instructions and requests. Matching the written forms of words to the vocabulary used in the field of petroleum extraction and exploration, you will practice the terms in the exercises and keep a record of the pronunciation you practice to monitor the progress you make and to encourage learning.


Petroleum Petroleum vocabulary - Drilling operations I Petroleum vocabulary - Drilling operations II Typical Situation 1 - Emergency on an off-shore oil rig Typical Situation 2 - Kick back Dialogue - Operating a rig Petroleum vocabulary - Geology and exploration I Petroleum vocabulary - Geology and exploration II Dialogue - Earth study Petroleum vocabulary - Processing and final product Typical situation 3 - Planning a new field Dialogue - Making holes and producing Consolidation

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