In the advanced section of the course the learner is provided with extensive practice in more complex areas of business English such as negotiations, presentations, analyzing data and the business press. The various lexical fields are presented through freer practice in simulations, telephone calls and general conversation; encouraging the student to draw from personal experience to give meaningful, contextual practice. More complex structures such as the second conditional, narrative tenses and future forms are used to carry out tasks such as giving presentations, dealing with clients and expressing opinions. Throughout the course the emphasis is on learner independence through exposure to the correct usage of the target language with attention to practical situations and the use of idioms and phrasal verbs.


Public Relations (Business) Consultant Choosing a conference venue Business news Would you buy it? Just a click away Telecommuting A difficult task Times have changed Takeovers and mergers AGM The right media to promote your business (British version) The right media to promote your business (American version)

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