British english On successfully completing the course objectives at this level, learners will have the ability to name, ask for and find common products on sale at a supermarket. Using simple routines in familiar situations learners will greet people, ask for and give directions, say what they need and say goodbye in an appropriate way. Inferring context and using interactive exercises to confirm understanding, learners will practice listening and responding to simple instructions and requests for information based on the topic. You will be able to understand basic notices, instructions and information and complete written sentences that describe types of food, use prepositions, give instructions and say what you need. Matching the written forms of words to the vocabulary used in conversation at supermarkets, you will practice the terms in the exercises and keep a record of the pronunciation you practice to monitor the progress you make and encourage reflection.


Supermarket Supermarket - Useful vocabulary Supermarket - Sections Supermarket - Dialogues Supermarket - Consolidation Supermarket - Typical situation - Every day conversations Supermarket - Dialogue - Where can I find...? Supermarket - Food & Supermarket Areas Supermarket - Typical everyday vocabulary I Supermarket - Typical everyday vocabulary II Supermarket - Typical situation - Making a list for the supermarket / At the supermarket Supermarket - Dialogue - Typical purchases Supermarket - Consolidation

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