English level 11 – C1.1 (desarrollado por Oxford University Press)

Curso e-learning English level 11 – C1.1 (desarrollado por Oxford University Press) de la familia profesional Idiomas.

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Objetivo general de la acción formativa: -Adquirir los conocimientos y habilidades necesarias para comunicarse en inglés con un interlocutor nativo sin esfuerzo, usando un lenguaje flexible y efectivo para propósitos sociales, académicos y profesionales. Competencias específicas de la acción formativa: -Establecer vocabulario, estructuras gramaticales y otros aspectos relacionados con la comunicación de nivel 11 en inglés. -Practicar la comprensión lectora y oral y la expresión escrita de los conocimientos de nivel 11 en el idioma. Level 11 Upper-Advanced of My Ardor English Advanced corresponds to the first part of the C1 level of the CEFR. This level allows students to express ideas fluently and spontaneously without obvious effort, use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic, and professional purposes, and understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognize implicit meaning. They will learn, among other things, to describe cross-cultural experiences, discuss working practices, show understanding, get their point across, manage discussions in meetings, and participate in teleconferences. They will also revise the verb tenses, learn how to speculate about the future, add emphasis using fronting, cleft sentences, and adverbs, and reference using pronouns, in addition to other important structures.


Unidad Didáctica 1. Connections – Cultural awareness. – Describing cross-cultural experiences. – Reporting back on research in meetings. – Tenses review. – Introducing yourself to a group. Unidad Didáctica 2. Careers – The importance of education. – Comparing career paths and choices. – Managing the discussion in meetings. – Expressing attitudes to the past. – Getting your point across. Unidad Didáctica 3. Skills Practice – Culture and communication. – Writing: A covering letter. – Reading: Avoiding cultural gaffes. – Talking about cross-cultural experiences. Unidad Didáctica 4. Britain – The Oxford English Dictionary. – Idiomatic expressions. – Reading: How accurate are British stereotypes? Unidad Didáctica 5. Change – Managing change. – Discussing working practices. – Giving a formal presentation. – Speculating about future changes. – Showing understanding. Unidad Didáctica 6. Risk – An investment banker. – Talking about different kinds of risk. – Taking part in a teleconference. – Referencing using pronouns. – Establishing rapport and showing interest. Unidad Didáctica 7. Skills Practice – Colleagues, clients, and candidates – Writing: Writing a CV – Reading: Online job interviews – Talking about job interviews Unidad Didáctica 8. United States – New York City British and American English: differences. – Reading: How the differences between. – British and American English can lead to misunderstandings. Unidad Didáctica 9. Teamwork – Freelance or employed? – Exploring team relationships. – Dealing with conflict in negotiations. – Adding emphasis using fronting, cleft sentences, adverbs, and phrases. – Responding to feedback. Unidad Didáctica 10. Progress – The expansion of a supermarket. – Discussing factors for success. – Problem-solving and brainstorming ideas in meetings. – Using adverbs to qualify attitudes. – Using vague language. Unidad Didáctica 11. Skills Practice – Goals and objectives. – Writing: Writing proposals. – Reading: How to achieve success. – Talking about short-term and long-term goals. Unidad Didáctica 12. New Zealand – The world extreme sports capital. – New Zealand English. – Reading: The decline of New Zealand English.

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English level 11 - C1.1 (desarrollado por Oxford University Press)English level 11 – C1.1 (desarrollado por Oxford University Press)